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Making complex legal issues simpler

Few people enjoy delving into the minutiae of the important decisions they have to make in life - buying or selling a home, estate planning, developing a will, etc. That is where I come in. I will help you work through the complexities of these major steps in life, guiding you through them in a way that makes the processes as easy as possible.

There is not any way to snap your fingers and make the paperwork and sophisticated details of your legacy magically solve themselves, but I try to be the next best thing.

How I can make your legal issues more manageable

Over the years, I have helped my clients manage many of the legal aspects of their lives. Here are a few of the ways I can help you do the same:

• Estate planning: Planning what will happen with the assets you have accumulated both during and after your life is fraught with emotion, but I will help you clearly understand options like wills, trusts, long-term care, Health Care Proxies & Power of Attorneys.

Probate law: After you, or a loved one, pass, administering the estate’s wishes - and the legal implications of that process - are often the last thing people want to work through, so I am here to walk you or your survivors through the process. If someone you know can no longer make financial or medical decisions, I can assist in obtaining a Conservatorship or Guardianship if the correct estate planning had not been prepared.

Real estate: Real estate transactions, including real estate mortgages, reverse mortgages, and trusts are some of the most complex legal issues most people will encounter in their lives. I bring my skills and experience to bear to streamline and simplify the process.

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